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So you have saved up all your hard earned money, to either fly or drive to the warmth of Tropical North Queensland. Now that you are here you want to catch a Barramundi, (plus other hard fighting tropical species) get value for money and generally have a memorable holiday whilst in the best part of the sunshine state. Probably the most important factor when planning your trip to the north is timing. As with most species of fish there are times of the year that are more successful than others. If you want to catch a Barramundi on Fly or Lure, the more productive time of the year is from November to May. That is, the build up to the wet, through to the run off. It is not impossible to catch Barras' outside of these times, and I know of many people who have done so. Proprietor Glenn Campbell from Northern Angler trolled up a massive 1.24m barra one cool night in June 2002, so it can be done. One of the bonuses of fishing from November to May is the weather is not so popular with tourists, so accommodation, professional guides and other services can be slightly cheaper and easier to find. 

So now you have decided when you are going to embark on your sojourn, you will need to organise some where to stay. Cairns has grown from a cane farming town of years past to a multi-million dollar tourist town there is many places to choose from. Basic backpacker hostels right through to exotic hi rise motels, there is something for every budget. Check out Cairns Accommodation for detailed information on what is available. A good rule of thumb with accommodation is the closer you are to the heart of Cairns, the more expensive it will be. There are plenty of motels, caravan parks and holiday units outside of the city area that offer great amenities for a budget price. Excellent if you would rather spend your hard earned money on fishing related expenses. Though I do suggest you check with the minister of war and finance on this before you make the decision on your own.

Now, if you are going to plan your trip to coincide with the wet season you have to be prepared for the weather. The temperature here in Summer varies between 28 - 38 Degree C, not  as high as it can get it down south, but the humidity can be very trying, even near unbearable at times. So when you are out in the boat fishing, drink lots of water. Drink it till your think your back teeth are swimming, then drink another litre! 8 hours out in a boat in the sun can really knock you around, even younger folk can suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. No one wants to feel crook on a holiday, or even worse end up in hospital, that can really put a dent in your valuable fishing time, and the wallet. The other downside of fishing the wet season is the possibility of a cyclone or a tropical low dumping a huge volume of water in the area, which turns the rivers into a brown soup that is basically impossible to fish until a few days after the rain subsides.

Destinations: If you want to explore other fishing destinations, North Queensland offers some of the best in Australia. Whether you want to battle with billfish on the outer edge, Fish beautiful blue water beaches, or tangle with a barramundi in the estuary, there are plenty of options. Travel up the table lands West of Cairns to Tinaroo Dam for big impoundment Barramundi, and catch a feed of redclaw crayfish while there. There are also land based options, you just have to know where to look, and choose the days where the weather suits.

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Areas to fish:

Cape York:

Lakefield National Park:



Hinchinbrook Channel

Essential items to take with you when fishing in the area (hat, sunscreen, long sleeved shirt, polarized sun glasses, insect repellent, spare rod tip runner/guide water, first aid kit)

things to do and see (keep the missus happy)

Travelling North of Cairns

things to be clued up about:  GBRMPA green zones, Alcohol management plan, Far North Queensland weather, road conditions, crocodiles, marine stingers,  sand flies







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