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                 Flyology Wind on leaders.             Here is a great product that saves time and money whether you are a fly, lure, spin or bait fisher. Wind on leaders are quick to replace, easy to use, and save you money. How often have you had to replace a leader when you are out in the boat, there is a bit of swell and you have to tie a bimini twist then an albright knot, or what ever your preferred double then leader knot. But with all that bulked up monofilament, you end up with a large lump in the line that rattles through the runners when you cast, and worst of all eventually knocks the guide out of your tip. And we all know when this happens, the time you don't have a spare guide, and the fishing is hot!! Unlike tying you leader to the main line, when you replace a wind on leader you don't have to trim a couple of feet of the expensive braided line on you pride and joy bait caster each time you replace the leader.

To use wind on leaders is a simple as tying a double in your main line, threading the loop of the main line through the Dacron loop, then the tag end of the leader through the mail line double. Pull it tight ensuring it is snug and you are done. Replacement is just a reversal, or if the leader is not to be used again just cut the Dacron loop and reinstall a new leader.

get quality leaders now!

Wind on leaders are made from Super Schneider Klear Line in 20, 35, 45, 55, 80 110 and 150lb.  Also available in Platypus Pre-Test, and Fluorocarbon.  Each leader is approximately 2 metres in length.           

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